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Meet Eric

Taking It Personal. Always Doing His Best. That’s The Eric Hansen Way!

In his free time, Eric enjoys staying active. He loves playing golf and tennis and going to the gym. He also enjoys relaxing at the beach.
Eric Hansen is on the tee box, standing over his ball. He goes through a mental checklist in his head, and you can see the competitive spirit in his eyes as he prepares to hit his shot. Or you might witness that same glint in his eye when he’s on the tennis court, running down his opponent’s lob and countering with a topspin forehand of his own. Those who know him best will tell you he gets that same look in his eye when working with his clients.

You see, throughout his life, Eric Hansen has always loved professional sports because he has a great admiration for those who are the best at what they do. And although he may not be a professional athlete himself, Eric is known for devoting his “personal best” to everything he does.

The Origins of Success

Eric’s first taste of competition came on his high school soccer team. He still recalls his coach stressing the importance of being prepared and dedicating 100 percent effort to any endeavour. For Eric, those lessons weren’t confined to the boundary of the soccer pitch – they extended to every aspect of his life. While growing up in Florida, his mother was a highly successful real estate professional known for providing intensely personalized service to her clients. Although Eric earned his bachelor’s degree from Florida State, he considers the education he received from his mother’s example an even more powerful lesson on doing business the right way.

“My mom was extremely well respected and reinforced the importance of giving your all to everything you do,” Eric says. “Her passion showed in her work, and that’s why I strive to give my personal best every single day.”

“When I truly believe in what I’m doing, I give 110 percent effort. That’s why real estate is so motivating to me. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping people with one of life’s largest investments.”

A Wealth of Industry Insight

Eric’s dedication to your real estate goals comes shining through from the moment you meet him until the close of your transaction. He truly cares – and it shows!
After college, Eric chose to follow his mother’s footsteps in real estate. In the many years since, he’s developed a well-rounded knowledge of the industry. He began his career in new home sales, where he played an instrumental role selling various neighborhoods within Victoria Park. He then transitioned to leasing and selling commercial properties for a number of years. Eventually, the impersonal nature of commercial real estate inspired Eric to focus his efforts on the residential resale market, where he’s able to impact people’s lives every day through the sale or purchase of their homes.

When you work with Eric, his diverse real estate knowledge and years of experience allow him to handle any situation with ease. But to hear his clients tell it, Eric’s real key to success is that same quality he brings to everything he does – it’s all about striving for his personal best. And when we say personal, we mean it. Eric recognizes that no two clients are the same and everyone has different objectives for their home sale or purchase. That’s why Eric listens carefully and takes people’s goals very personally.

Giving You His Personal Best

If you’re considering buying or selling a home in the Central Florida real estate market, make sure you choose a real estate professional who devotes oneself fully to your needs and always looks out for your best interests. That’s Eric Hansen, and he’s Giving You His Personal Best. Call him today to schedule a private consultation for your next move in the unique Central Florida real estate market.